One nation

under God


a country,

a study

in democracy.

On what it means,

the responsibility

of being “free.”

We continue to learn

to see


that “free”

that equality-

not always easy

and often lacks clarity.

Constant to and fro,

outer battles


inner struggles.

Still, we stand!

For/from ourselves much better demand.

So much at stake:

too much needed Love to make

and bridges to create

as per God’s Great Mandate.

L’homme Délicieux

how is it possible that God could have poured

so much deliciousness in just one Cup?

it is simply too much for another to sop up!

blowing the mesmerized mind every time,

man delicious,

can’t look at ya,

can’t look away.

your utter exquisiteness

holds such sweet sway.

too fine,

you personify sublime.

so damn divine,

like a delectable glass of rare, perfectly aged wine.

beyond luscious,

you overpower, disarm and intoxicate!

how then does a mere mortal adequately navigate?

enthralled, thrown, spellbound,

I ask my Lord:

why so much scrumptiousness into one Cup you poured?



Beautiful Man

Come here, My Dear.

I can feel you so very near.

Come to me,

soon, please-

as per God’s Will.

Beautiful man,

crafted by The Potter’s Hand,


for me-

as I for thee,

come, let us together journey



and intellectually.

You: My benevolent King –

wise teacher, merciful mirror, fierce protector.

Me: Your appreciative Queen-

cinnamon muse, the air you choose to deeply breathe.

We: Blessed


bespoken –

coming together


in service to

our Heavenly Father.