Bio: Long walks on the beach and candlelight yoga bring me back to life, feeding my Spirit! Journaling, writing poetry, and reading center me. Entrepreneurship beckons me. Babies and puppies further soften my heart. Great beauty and craftsmanship melt me. Music unleashes my sensual side. My spirituality grounds, strengthens and emboldens me. Champagne and dark chocolate are my consciously chosen addictions. Alas, the foodie in me continues to wreak havoc on my wallet and - at times – my waist line (so what! Carpe diem is how I roll!) I love to smile (happily embracing my prominent laugh and forehead lines now!) and elicit smiles from others. Being inspired and learning are gifts to me – which I always share in turn. I believe that we are each others keeper and placed on this Earth to help and serve. Idealistic, you may think. Yes, it is and that is me! I cultivate joy (do you?) Excuse me while I kiss the Sky!

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