Barbara’s Word Game – Volume One

There are Souls who enter one’s life and one just knows from the very deepest level within that this Soul is here to stay forever with you and in you. My Soul Sister, Barbara G, is such a Soul for me. She has helped to mold me in a way very few others in my life have done. I am eternally and deeply grateful to and for her.

My beloved Barbara is bed-ridden as her journey this time included Multiple Sclerosis. She often asks herself – as do “able-bodied” I: why am I still here, alive in this world in this body? In one of her many superb poems, the answer that came to her:

“As long as the Mind can work, we’re still here.”

One of the ways that Barbara keeps her brilliant mind sharp and agile is through a deceptively simple word game that she lovingly taught me – one I fell quickly and crazy in love with! One I am going to share here, and will – I strongly suspect – then leverage as I (finally) birth my raison d’être into our world (stay tuned).

With this game, when in solitude, Barbara challenges herself to find only a  positive and energetically empowering word or words for each letter in the English alphabet. 

What follows is a taste of what our two Minds conjured up one magical evening in her home when we played this game together. Let me know what you think, and please join us in playing Barbara’s Word Game and spreading the positive!

A is for authentic

B is for beautiful (you’re beautiful, it’s true…)

C is for conscious

D is for The Divine in us all

E is for enlightened

F is for fertile

G is for grateful

H is for healing

I is for intuitive

J is for joyous

K is for kindness

L is for L-o-v-e

M is for magnanimous

N is for natural

O is for open

P is for pleasure

Q is for quiet

R is for resilience

S is for sexy 

T is for tenacious

U is for uplifting

V is for vivacious

W is for wisdom

X is for xylophone (the happy instrument!)

Y is for yes!

Z is for zest