I tend to go slow,

ever slightly dipping a toe.

Rarely rolling full out,

rather feeling…asking:

is it all right

or am I tight?

Doing the due diligence,

leaning heavily on Universal Intelligence.

Looking for flow;

getting to the Know;

hearing the Soul.

Letting it marinate,

low heat, slow pace-

this Taurus’ way.


From without,

them trying to me re-arrange,

and cast shadows of deep doubt.

They say:

Way too slow, G.

You need to heed

gotta move, gotta now go!

Don’t you know

life’s too short-

here one minute,

the next, poof, abort.”


Yeah, but…

I am me.

Please let it be.

Don’t need more anxiety.

The Birth will come…



when fully ready.


To each, their own.

We sing our unique songs-

some short & fast,

others slow & long.

No right, no wrong.


Where do Souls go

when in flesh no more?

How do they choose

what next body to use?

What memories of the pasts

are let go of-freed-at very last?

What unfinished business

sets the tone for the next visit?

The life of a Cosmopolitan Sardine

I feel trapped

like a caged rat

no room to read

let alone breathe

little in the way of personal space

with strangers, nearly face-to-face

signal problems and delays

prolong the agony and the pain

very few smiles

many more scowls

odors jarringly unfamiliar

compete with daring young dancers

to the senses, viciously assault

without so much a second thought

hey, this is New York

ain’t nobody give a f***!

suck it up, yo’!

don’t you know

this is the price paid

the sacrifice made

for the privilege

of residing

in this space-

beyond congested, yes,

but also

the first, the Greatest

City on Earth!

you make it here

Sinatra swears

you make it anywhere

just be aware

that it’ll cost ya

claustrophobe ya

relentlessly contain ya

hot or cold

young or old

this is how

the N to the Y to the C



I am


to see –

to really see.

This feels like

the whole point

of my unique human journey-

to see me more clearly,

to experience the unity of we,

to grasp the oneness that is our humanity.

So much distraction to Universal Truth.

So much to unearth and uproot

within the mind,

which when ego-blind,

leads to acts violent and words so unkind.

We are in this together,

from the very beginning, each other’s keeper.

One Heart,

One Love,

One Mind,

One Body.

One Shepherd, and we, His sheep.

Now is not the time

to bitterly whine

and then fall sound asleep.


Lest we will continue to reap

that which we

did not consciously

intend to sow.

I am


to see,

to pray


Lord, open wide my eyes,

cast off the crusty old lies

and the illusions

that cause hysteria and mass confusion.

Let there be Light,

only True Sight-

no more black or white.



He lays there,

soundly and peacefully


my Muse, my Love, my Beauty.

Strong and magnificent,

a man’s Man,

vulnerable in his complete nakedness.

I, fully awake and scantily clothed,

quietly gazing, utterly enthralled,

taking Him in slowly, fully and whole.

His beautiful mane,

dreadlocked and soft,

glistening wet in the moonlight from our sweat.

His Adam’s Apple – an irresistible and tasty treat.

Those lips – full, rich, assertive and so sweet.

My Love’s nose: broad and proud!

His nostrils, gently flaring now in sleep,

do so much more aggressively

when he abandons himself in heat.

I stare at Love’s powerful arms,

responsible for my first losing my resolve,

and within which I still dissolve.

His large and elegant hands,

that of a master musician demands.

His expansive back,

a continent of its own,

I can see it in shadow,

its every muscle, prominent and toned.

My eyes longingly linger down

to that beautiful mound

smooth and round-

like a perfect peach,

each one of his cheeks.

Next: those legs –

like that of a regal thoroughbred.

Legs strong enough to

off my feet, sweep

carrying me

to this here, our bed, our sacred Sanctuary.

I go to him, My BeLoved,

drawn by forces without and within,

those of innocence and sin.

I need to touch,

to feel,

to inhale him,

to lay entwined in a quiet embrace,

to get as close as the flesh will dictate.



mystic bonds

Souls intertwined

no matter the distance and time


between the physical and the mind.

Namaste, we say,

each other’s Light clearly see

and then immediately retrieve

where we last left our story.

No beat missed,

no talk of business,

only laughter

born of pure, present bliss!



we fall back into resonance.

Creating anew

and out of the blue;

recalling the old,

all once joyously told.

This is no stranger,

this familiar unfamiliar face.

Rather a beacon of grace,

a safe space,

a peaceful place

for healing

and life-affirming




Liquid Emotion

So much commotion…

seemingly living in a world

that has forgotten the notion

of human connection

and shared emotions.

One big white truck

in Nice, innocent hundreds struck.

Police…American Black male…

over and over again the same sad story this entails.

Civil wars that destroy and displace,

cultivating great pain and unleashing raw hate.

The environment, alas, we continue to mercilessly rape.

All this, we can no longer tolerate!

For we were crafted to only connect and create.

Make no mistake,

if we continue at this deadly pace,

Earth may no longer compensate

and will need to retaliate

in order to recalibrate.



But wait!

By dint of endless, deserve-less Grace,

it’s never too late

to come back together

and reevaluate;

to begin anew

with the view

that in His Hands,

He’s got the whole world

and not just a few.

Love, use we

Love, You…

design we

birth we

raise we

feed we

fill we

teach we

sustain we

define we

refine we

awaken we

enlighten we

embolden we



please hear we:

use we

guide we,

have Thy Will be done

through we-

mere instruments of Your peace

’til the day You release

each one of we

back home

unto Thee.




you’re lost in a Trance

engulfed in sweet Rapture


delved into a completely New

inner Space

one where you Consume and then reflect

blinding Light Energy

as you Navigate

the very Depths of your Soul

releasing false Ego

and other Non-sense

filling your Cup instead

with an Equanimity, a peace

that passeth all understanding.

hold on

grab that thin ledge

with fingertips tired, worn and red.

hang on tight

don’t you dare give up The Fight!

don’t look down

at that cold, distant ground.

look up instead

at what your God has just ahead.

hold on;

stay strong.

your life: not all wrong.

your story: not yet done.