I tend to go slow,

ever slightly dipping a toe.

Rarely rolling full out,

rather feeling…asking:

is it all right

or am I tight?

Doing the due diligence,

leaning heavily on Universal Intelligence.

Looking for flow;

getting to the Know;

hearing the Soul.

Letting it marinate,

low heat, slow pace-

this Taurus’ way.


From without,

them trying to me re-arrange,

and cast shadows of deep doubt.

They say:

Way too slow, G.

You need to heed

gotta move, gotta now go!

Don’t you know

life’s too short-

here one minute,

the next, poof, abort.”


Yeah, but…

I am me.

Please let it be.

Don’t need more anxiety.

The Birth will come…



when fully ready.


To each, their own.

We sing our unique songs-

some short & fast,

others slow & long.

No right, no wrong.

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