I tend to go slow,

ever slightly dipping a toe.

Rarely rolling full out,

rather feeling…asking:

is it all right

or am I tight?

Doing the due diligence,

leaning heavily on Universal Intelligence.

Looking for flow;

getting to the Know;

hearing the Soul.

Letting it marinate,

low heat, slow pace-

this Taurus’ way.


From without,

them trying to me re-arrange,

and cast shadows of deep doubt.

They say:

Way too slow, G.

You need to heed

gotta move, gotta now go!

Don’t you know

life’s too short-

here one minute,

the next, poof, abort.”


Yeah, but…

I am me.

Please let it be.

Don’t need more anxiety.

The Birth will come…



when fully ready.


To each, their own.

We sing our unique songs-

some short & fast,

others slow & long.

No right, no wrong.

out of service

I am




No longer will I do only as told;

I will, instead, endeavor in all ways to be Bold.

No longer will I relent to your perspective on what is deemed art;

I will, instead, succumb only to the rhythm and vision of my own Heart.

No longer will I heed passively to what feels and sounds to me utterly absurd;

I will, instead, be Heard and not part of the herd.

No longer will I merely accept what is;

I will, instead, search, dig deep and extract from within for without what is authentically His.

Your definition of “success” I will choose to categorically reject;

For, you see, I am

now and forever more





A Life Well-Lived: Big, Fat & Juicy!

I watch O, J. Lo and the Queen Bee

My heart swells with envy and boundless possibility

I yearn for uniquely Me bits of what they manifest:

Abundance, self-actualization, adventure, creativity

Big, fat, juicy lives – nothing less

Lives lived relatively



Beyond fully

They – and other Souls of their ilk – will depart

With nary their songs left in the Heart

No what if, little – if any – regrets

Just a deep sense of giving life their very Best

Leaping to fly

No hide

Daring greatly

Loving bravely

Following bliss

That is a Life well-lived.

An intentional Life: A Mid-Year Review

Today, Tuesday 1 July,  marks 2014’s halfway point – a milestone, a time to slow down a bit and reflect: where and who have I been these past six month and where am I intentionally and consciously going in the next six months. So, here goes…

The first half of the year was all about others – my family and my work. Two big events defined the first six month of 2014: my sister’s wedding and a fundraising gala for work. It was quite a juggling act as both demanded so very much of me and, in turn, I was driven to give so much of myself – as is my wont, I tend to delve in with heart, mind, body and Soul. Both events were (by God’s Grace) smashing successes. Yay! The price to me (a confirmed – and proud – introvert): I enter the second half of 2014, utterly exhausted in heart, mind, body and Soul.

Thus, the second half of the year will be – really, it has to be – predominantly about Me! In the midst of the busyness that 2014: chapter one presented, I quietly celebrated the (seemingly sudden) coming of age 45! I have reached the midpoint of my life! Whoa! Where am I going? Who do I wish to be? My words of guidance for 2014 are receptivity and decisiveness. I decisively declare 2014 to be The Year of receiving Boundless Miracles. This requires presence, my full attention to what is transpiring internally and the resultant external cues. I need to be in the here now. The second half of the year is less about others and more about me, so that I can then present/offer my very best Me to the World. That is the intention and the goal. So, it is written, so it will be done.Image