What does it take

to penetrate

the walls you make

for protection’s sake?

How do I get

to you

into you

through you?

What am I to do?

I come,

you run;

I confide,

you hide;

I offer space,

you then hesitate.

What does it take

to penetrate

your mind

your heart

your body

your soul?

How to release

some of that control

to which you hold

as if it is gold?

A body so tight,

a mind attuned to fight

or flight.

Yet, underneath,

I see a spirit

seeking an invite,

desperate for a way out.

When you are ready

to let me in,

to be the feminine

to my masculine,

I’ll come running.

When you are

no longer so scared,

I’ll be there.

When your mighty walls


crumble and fall,

I offer myself

at our beck and call.



Stone Beach

A new treat,

this here, Stone Beach.



With a gentle sweet high,

I am kissing

the brilliant

baby blue sky.



I am embraced by the sea’s

gentle pull.



I fall deeply into

water’s seductive spell.

Inhaling deeply,

I take in the air’s

musky salinity,

mix it with Earth’s grassy femininity.

Senses heightened,

I hear the waves,

my ancestors guiding me

from the grave.

I feel the wind

nibble my skin,


the sun’s bite and sting.

A Spirit

to me


begins to sing.

Inspiration heralding

the birth of another offspring.

Sun Salutations

Dawn of a new day-



Give thanks!


As within,

so without.

Morning meditations

strengthen thy House.

No perceived stress felt.

Mind, heart, body –

all aligned,

all in exquisite rest.

Work flows smoothly.

Everything moves so easily.

All that is seen is beauty,

even in this, the




No cacophony,

just sweet melodies.

No hurry,

only curiosity.

Frowns turned upside down;

smiles abound.

Gratitude, shared and found.

I see you, you see me.


we are a family!

No self-recrimination,

no regrets;

only admission

one did one’s best.

And so,

the stage is set

for when

dusk is met.

Peaceful sleep

will thee meet

with this day complete.



A childhood scar

from way back and afar,

suddenly delivered

on a plate

as if by fate

brought on

while in a heated state

with One’s Beloved Mate,




a blessed opportunity,

with careful attention

and mindful compassion,

to gently approach

the Little Girl


The One



in the Soul;

the one

that awaits

to be acknowledged

and finally


So as,

to make

rich fodder

of the



now exposed

and told.


I tend to go slow,

ever slightly dipping a toe.

Rarely rolling full out,

rather feeling…asking:

is it all right

or am I tight?

Doing the due diligence,

leaning heavily on Universal Intelligence.

Looking for flow;

getting to the Know;

hearing the Soul.

Letting it marinate,

low heat, slow pace-

this Taurus’ way.


From without,

them trying to me re-arrange,

and cast shadows of deep doubt.

They say:

Way too slow, G.

You need to heed

gotta move, gotta now go!

Don’t you know

life’s too short-

here one minute,

the next, poof, abort.”


Yeah, but…

I am me.

Please let it be.

Don’t need more anxiety.

The Birth will come…



when fully ready.


To each, their own.

We sing our unique songs-

some short & fast,

others slow & long.

No right, no wrong.

The life of a Cosmopolitan Sardine

I feel trapped

like a caged rat

no room to read

let alone breathe

little in the way of personal space

with strangers, nearly face-to-face

signal problems and delays

prolong the agony and the pain

very few smiles

many more scowls

odors jarringly unfamiliar

compete with daring young dancers

to the senses, viciously assault

without so much a second thought

hey, this is New York

ain’t nobody give a f***!

suck it up, yo’!

don’t you know

this is the price paid

the sacrifice made

for the privilege

of residing

in this space-

beyond congested, yes,

but also

the first, the Greatest

City on Earth!

you make it here

Sinatra swears

you make it anywhere

just be aware

that it’ll cost ya

claustrophobe ya

relentlessly contain ya

hot or cold

young or old

this is how

the N to the Y to the C


Home is…

…where the Heart resides

…where the Soul flies

…where Love prevails

…where authentic connectedness cures all (or most) of what ails

…where one’s Spirit is finally free and can exhale

…where all pretense and the burdensome masks give way

…where your Tribe comes out to play

…where one’s many Songs are sung

…where creativity simply for its own sake is not so far-flung

…where Life is a little smoother around the edge

…where thoughts don’t constantly veer frighteningly toward The Ledge

Home is…

…the Peace that surpasses all understanding

…the Path Not yet Taken

…the constant Prayer seemingly unanswered

…the blissful state of feeling favored

…the real Me birthed and seen

…the Mystery, revealed

…the yellow-brick Road less Traveled

…the ultimate Goal unraveled



Introversion, Independence & Interdependence

According to the dictionary independence (no dependence) is synonymous with self-government, self-rule, separation, self-determination, autonomy, freedom, and liberty.

We celebrate independence.

Yet, there is a popular old saying that no one is an island, meaning we are human and, thus, by very definition and design, social beings  who are dependent on each other.

There are songs that emphatically assert that “…people who need people are the luckiest people in the world” and “it’s a small world after all.”

As both an introvert and the eldest daughter of a very strong woman, I often struggle with these assertions of interdependence. Which should I strive to be – independent or interdependent? Can one be effectively independent and interdependent?

My mother – with only the best intentions in mind – raised her three daughters to be just as strong as she is, which meant staunchly independent. “Let yourself never ever be put down by relying on a man,” my impressionable sisters and I were taught in both word and actions from very early on. Interdependence was never discussed; not sure mom even knew such a word existed! A woman was either independent or weak – period, no middle ground. This information I absorbed and, while it has served me well in many respects, as I mature I can clearly see the damage it has wrought  in personal relationships.

For introverts, much as we love good company in relatively small doses, relating can be overwhelmingly taxing physically, emotionally, and intellectually. As such, an introvert requires separation from others to re-fuel. We can literally wither away without enough space and independence. Yet, too much of this “good” thing independence can leave the introvert vulnerable to depression and profound feelings of isolation.

I am seeing now the ego, limits and dangers of independence/self-determination and the reality, vulnerability and expansiveness of interdependence. I am learning that very little in life is black and white. As I gray, so does life!





An intentional Life: A Mid-Year Review

Today, Tuesday 1 July,  marks 2014’s halfway point – a milestone, a time to slow down a bit and reflect: where and who have I been these past six month and where am I intentionally and consciously going in the next six months. So, here goes…

The first half of the year was all about others – my family and my work. Two big events defined the first six month of 2014: my sister’s wedding and a fundraising gala for work. It was quite a juggling act as both demanded so very much of me and, in turn, I was driven to give so much of myself – as is my wont, I tend to delve in with heart, mind, body and Soul. Both events were (by God’s Grace) smashing successes. Yay! The price to me (a confirmed – and proud – introvert): I enter the second half of 2014, utterly exhausted in heart, mind, body and Soul.

Thus, the second half of the year will be – really, it has to be – predominantly about Me! In the midst of the busyness that 2014: chapter one presented, I quietly celebrated the (seemingly sudden) coming of age 45! I have reached the midpoint of my life! Whoa! Where am I going? Who do I wish to be? My words of guidance for 2014 are receptivity and decisiveness. I decisively declare 2014 to be The Year of receiving Boundless Miracles. This requires presence, my full attention to what is transpiring internally and the resultant external cues. I need to be in the here now. The second half of the year is less about others and more about me, so that I can then present/offer my very best Me to the World. That is the intention and the goal. So, it is written, so it will be done.Image