Liquid Emotion

So much commotion…

seemingly living in a world

that has forgotten the notion

of human connection

and shared emotions.

One big white truck

in Nice, innocent hundreds struck.

Police…American Black male…

over and over again the same sad story this entails.

Civil wars that destroy and displace,

cultivating great pain and unleashing raw hate.

The environment, alas, we continue to mercilessly rape.

All this, we can no longer tolerate!

For we were crafted to only connect and create.

Make no mistake,

if we continue at this deadly pace,

Earth may no longer compensate

and will need to retaliate

in order to recalibrate.



But wait!

By dint of endless, deserve-less Grace,

it’s never too late

to come back together

and reevaluate;

to begin anew

with the view

that in His Hands,

He’s got the whole world

and not just a few.

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