I am


to see –

to really see.

This feels like

the whole point

of my unique human journey-

to see me more clearly,

to experience the unity of we,

to grasp the oneness that is our humanity.

So much distraction to Universal Truth.

So much to unearth and uproot

within the mind,

which when ego-blind,

leads to acts violent and words so unkind.

We are in this together,

from the very beginning, each other’s keeper.

One Heart,

One Love,

One Mind,

One Body.

One Shepherd, and we, His sheep.

Now is not the time

to bitterly whine

and then fall sound asleep.


Lest we will continue to reap

that which we

did not consciously

intend to sow.

I am


to see,

to pray


Lord, open wide my eyes,

cast off the crusty old lies

and the illusions

that cause hysteria and mass confusion.

Let there be Light,

only True Sight-

no more black or white.


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