a marriage: scene one


{Camera outside, facing West.}

It is dusk.

There is lightening.

The only sounds: rapid rain drops forceful against glass, an angry wind, and rip roaring thunder – startling in its violence and depth.

From the outside looking in on a wall of windows dripping wet with rain, a reflection of The Husband at the foot of a vast bed. He is standing, tall and erect, his legs slightly apart.

His face, chiseled and intense. His head, completely bald, glistens. He is staring, blankly, pass himself at the lights, skyscrapers and rain on the outside.

{Camera, inside, panning The Husband from head on up.}

In the room, only a faint light to his right.

On his feet, tan burnished leather cap-toe shoes. On his body, a three piece impeccably tailored striped wool black suit. Hands in his pockets forcing his jacket open, reveals a vest framing a narrow waist; a navy blue shirt is fitted perfectly to his broad chest and wide shoulders; a thick matching tie crafted in silk is expertly knotted around his neck, sitting just below a prominent Adam’s Apple. He wears initialed gold cuff links, an anniversary present from The Wife.

The camera zooms in, slowly, onto his face: serious and scowling, lips, full and jaw, tense. Nose, flaring. Eyes, tender, brown and sad. He sighs very deeply and purposefully. He then exhales, quickly and suddenly, as his face falls into his chest, eyes slamming shut. His hands, broad, brown and beautiful, slip out of his pockets and reach up to cradle his face. His wedding band of gold and diamonds shimmers in the dark.

“How did I get here?” he sobs. “How did we get here?”

A gentle knock on a door is heard.

“It’s me,” she whispers, her voice filled with joy and anticipation.