Are you Ready for Love?

Exactly when

 And how

Does One know

For certain

One is ready

For Love?

I’m talking real love

Mature, no Ordinary Love

Respect-full Love

Healing Love

Destined and hallowed Love.

Exactly when

And how

Does one feel ready

To leap, to dive

In to

The Unknown

Sea of Love

To become

Drunk in Love

Crazy in Love

Utterly and completely

Possessed by Love?

I think

It is

When One can say

With deep honesty:

“I love Me.”

“I know Me.”

“I trust Me (steeped in Him).”


“I am ready to

Share all of Me

Wholeheartedly and Fearlessly.”

The Soul then


Gently, firmly, unequivocally:

“You are ready!

Now jump – with expectancy!

hands IMG_20130404_084209

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