why them and not me?

why this, not that, reality?

why do the myriad dots of life connect and collide as they do?

why does, for some, dreams and fairy tales come true?

while for others, they just barely make due.

why for some, more and more,

while for others poorer than poor?

why is there still such a concept as war

when truly we know why we came here for?

why do we hide behind an app, swiping left and right,

hoping for some connection even if shallow and just for one night?

why is it that we have such fear of our vulnerability,

forgetting it is the font of our invincibility?

why pretend to be that which you are intrinsically not,

systematically obliterating that which was naturally got –

the kinky hair, the grey strands, the broad nose, the dark skin, the laugh lines

leaving not a trace of these behind?

why settle in Life when you can be so much more and soar?

why does fear seem to always be the default for so many, and courage, the internal anomaly?

why is it so hard to get along and sing the same song – we are family, we are the world, we are one, we shall overcome…

why is Love blind and not hate?

the whys, on and on I can go…would it ever end?




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