Ready for Love

I say I am ready for Love.

I say it rather convincingly

but am I really

ready for


What exactly am I ready for

when True Love comes a knocking on this here door?

More questions than answers have I:

To him, who will I be?

What of his expectations of me?

Will I measure up? Will I fill his cup?

Will he stay

when my mask melts away

and my Light temporarily fades?

What of me –

Can I handle with calm dignity

the unfamiliar masculine energy?

Can I remain present, outside my protective shell

when communication is perceived as hell?

Can I allow a man to be a Man

and not automatically default to the feminist stance?

Can I trust him fully and completely

when I was taught so differently?

That all said,

in my heart and in my head:

Am I ready for Love?

To it, am I prepared to run –

to run toward that inevitable fire

that is intense, illogical hunger and crazy desire?

Ready to let it burn

without so much as a concern,

confident in whatever of me, of we





Been there once, years before.


I am

I know

I understand

so much more.

Come, Love.




2 thoughts on “Ready for Love

    • Many thanks Sabeeha for taking the time to read and share your thoughts! What you read is indeed real – straight from the Heart and Soul – the only place from which I can offer in word 🙂

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