Have never traveled a straight line,

couldn’t even draw one if I tried.

This life was crafted

crooked and jagged.

No point A neatly to a point B;

more like A to C

then up to Z

and suddenly,

back down

to B.

A dance of seeming spontaneity

created by chosen opportunity.

A restless Soul,

too many interests it holds;

relentlessly driven

to learn, grow and sow;

chasing adventure

so as

for itself

to know.

No desire to live vicariously,

in putting off pleasure

in the name of responsibility.

No, that ain’t me!

I yearn to fly,

to be free,

to self-express fully

with utmost authenticity.

Such a Soul as this

can never happily exist


for a lifetime

within walls



and tall.

Such an existence

much too small,

into The Abyss,

said Soul

would soon fall.




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