why am I here, still?

at this time, in this place, within this vessel?

what am I to be, to do, to contribute –

here in this body, space and time?

been seeking since I’m ten,

since consciousness set in:

who, what, whose am “I”?

there are no accidents, it is said.

every thing, every one has its space and purpose –

its raison d’etre.

does one have to unequivocally and consciously know it – one’s purpose

in order to live it, be it, fully manifest it?

what of those who cannot clearly see nor feel it,

where purpose is faint, elusive, scattered – silent, silenced?


we can live purpose regardless of blindness?

led, driven, propelled from deep within

by an invisible yet strangely tangible Force,

one that whispers imperceptibly yet very clearly:

“don’t worry, my beloved, I got this; I got you. Always. B’lieve that.”

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