Unfinished Business

How long has it been

since we left our secluded Nest?

Three years now, yes?

Hence, why now, your text,

your desire to reconnect?

You “miss me”

you say.

I am perplexed,

wary of this play.

We project unto others,

I’ve learned.

Can’t take it personal;

Can’t let it burn.

No accidents in this Life.

God’s Hand in all-

the good, the strife;

the rise, the falls.

What is the plan here?

Why now you call

after we disappeared?

Out of the blue?

Really is that true?

Did I subconsciously summon you?

Your re-emergence,

the unexpected answer

to a relentless prayer

born of a sharp life sidetrack

from which I can’t seem to get back?

You, a musician,

have you come back

as my physician-

to help me heal,

to bring me back to what is deemed “real”

to get my head out of the clouds

so I may dwell in the now?

And of you,

what is it you sought me out to do?

What of your deepest prayer

that brought me to your mind’s outermost layer?

What inspired the vulnerability

to risk bravely

to offer/say

might we again relate?

Perhaps, as no happenstance,

this right here,

merely a hallowed chance

for unfinished business from past

to mitigate current circumstance.








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